The problem:
Rear door not locking and/or window and/or audio speaker not working.

Over the last few years, electrical problems have started showing up on the rear doors of the Vauxhall / Opel Zafira B and the Astra H.
Any of the electrical systems in the rear doors can be affected, including the electric windows, central locking, and audio speakers.

The cause:

The root of the problem lies in the wiring harness that connects the door to the rest of the car.
Every time the door is opened, the harness bends, and over time it eventually fails.
The original harness uses industry standard wiring, with a dozen or so individual strands in each wire, and sheathed in PVC insulation.
Whilst this is fine for parts that don't move relative to each other, it isn't the best way to deal with situations like this, where the wires are frequently being flexed.
After several years' use, the individual wires of the harness start to break as a result of metal fatigue. Eventually, the few remaining wires are carrying all the current and they burn up, usually at the connector plug.

The fix

Our repair kit is a direct replacement for the end of the original harness, and can be crimped or soldered onto the undamaged part of the wiring.
Our kit features ultra-flexible wiring that is 20cm long.
Each cable is sheathed in silicon insulation, and has over a hundred individual strands.
Having very many thin strands rather than a few thick ones reduces to zero the chances of metal fatigue, especially as the silicon insulation is also much more flexible than the original PVC.
Vauxhall Opel Zafira B Astra H Rear door loom repair kit
Original manufacturers part numbers:
61514 30615041 31779616 3061130 3061130-1 4260093133023, 31779672 31779671

Fitting Instructions.

Disconnect your existing harness from the door, and pull through the gaiter and pillar so you can work on it from inside the vehicle.
One wire at a time, cut back the cable to beyond the region that flexes.
Strip back the cable of your existing loom by 5mm and crimp up or solder to the replacement.
(We recommend you cut and connect one cable at a time, so there are no mix-ups and you make sure you wire up correctly)
Push the harness back through the pillar and reconnect.
Remove the bellows clamp from your old connector and fit on the new one.

Wiring colours:
Usually, you won't need to know the harness wire colours.
However, if you have wires broken off at the connector, you'll need to know what terminals they should connect to.
The original connector has the individual terminals numbered.
Terminals and their corresponding colours are as follows:
Vauxhall Opel Zafira B Astra H Rear door plug numbers

The following is correct for the Zafira B (Astra H may be different)
1 Red
2 Brown
3 Grey-White
4 White
5 Black-Green
6 Grey
10 White-Blue
11 Violet-Green (L) or Blue-Green (R)
12 Violet-Brown (L) or Blue-Brown (R)
16 Green (L) or White (R)
17 Brown-Green (L) or Brown-White (R)
19 Brown-Black. (Note, White can be 4 or 16)





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