The usual problem:
Floppy stalk

Over the last few years a common fault showing up on various Peugeot and Citroen models is of the indicators not working properly.
Common symptoms include:
* A tendency to start indicating left, on cancelling the right indicator.
* Loose or floppy feel to the indicator stalk
* Indicators don't cancel, or operate unintentionally.

If your main beam flashes when indicating, or your airbag light is on, please contact us first as these faults are not included in our normal service.

The cause

Inside the indicator assembly (known as Com 2000) on the steering column (if it's been made by DAV, not Delphi), there is a small nylon plunger on a spring, which clicks in to hold the indicator stalk in one of the three positions: left, centre, and right.
With use, this nylon plunger becomes worn and the result is a somewhat unpredictable indicator stalk.

Worn nylon plunger from DAV com 2000
A worn plunger 

The fix

You can replace the whole indicator assembly costing several hundred pounds new, or maybe you can obtain a used one - but that would have to be exactly the same model - and quite probably will have a worn plunger also.

We offer 2 alternative cost effective solutions
* We can supply you with a new plunger for your DIY fix.
Sent to you within 1 working day by 1st class post.
* Our colleagues at QER can repair your DAV Comm 2000 for you.

 Instructions of how to remove the indicators assembly from the steering column, and how to fit the new plunger are shown below.

Repair guide Stage 1
Remove steering wheel.

Whatever option you choose, first you need to remove the steering wheel.
This video is for a Peugeot 307. Other models may differ

Acknowledgements for video to blogsf89

Repair guide Stage 2
Strip down indicator assembly.

After removing the Com 2000 indicator assembly from the steering column.....

* It should say "DAV" here. (#1)
(Some are also marked COM 2000, but not always.)

* Apply tape to stop boss turning.(#3)

If you are taking the DIY route, continue as follows.
Otherwise, details of how to send for repair are at the bottom of the page.

* Unscrew 2 crosshead screws.(#2)

* Lever off the spring.(#4)

Prise two tabs as shown below........

And three tabs on the other side as shown below.....

 Pull off the reveal the circuit board (below)

Disconnect the connectors and lift off the pcb, to reveal the plunger at the indicator stalk end.

A close-up (below)

Lever the arm out of the housing.
Take care not to lose the spring inside the plunger

Here's the end of the indicator arm, once removed....

The plunger and spring....

Whilst you have it stripped down, thoroughly clean the switch contacts on the arm and the pcb.


If the steering column is moved following removal of the indicator housing, or the boss of the housing is allowed to turn to a different position, there is a risk that the internal ribbon will snap on full lock after reassembly.
If you suspect either has moved significantly, set both your steering, and your indicator assembly to half-way before reassembly.