The usual problem:
Broken catch on fuel flap door housing

Over the last few years a common fault showing up on the Ford Transit is of the fuel flap door not latching shut because the catch has broken, so it just ends up flapping about.
The original plastic moulded part is very weak, and prone to breaking.
There are two parts to the catch - a diamond shaped prong on the fuel flap door, and a u shaped catch on the fuel filler housing that it clips into.
Usually it is the latter part that breaks.

The fix

Previously, the solution would be to remove and replace the faulty fuel flap housing.
This entails either fitting the original door flap to the new housing (which is fiddly), or fitting a new housing complete with new door flap - in which case it will need to be repainted.
Happily, there is now a simpler and easier way to fix the fault - by purchasing our inexpensive repair kit.
We provide you with a strong nylon replacement clip to replace the original broken part of the housing.
Also included is a suitable drill bit and screw.
All you need is a drill and a screwdriver and a few minutes time.
Ford Transit Mk 6/7 fuel flap clip kit

Repair Instructions

First, please make sure that the diamond shaped prong is still intact on your door flap.
It it is broken off, unfortunately our solution will not help, unless you buy a new door.

Ford Transit fuel flap clip with door

* Break off the remains of the old catch in the housing.
* Position the new catch over the stumps of the old catch.
(If it doesn't sit flush, trim the remains of the old catch until it does.)
* Drill through the centre of the hole with the drill bit provided.
* Screw up tight using the screw provided.

Ford Transit fuel flap clip

That's all there is to it!


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