The usual problem:
Broken / missing glovebox handle

Over the last few years a common fault showing up on the Citroën C4 is of the glove box handle snapping off .
The original plastic moulded part is very weak, and prone to breaking.
Usually it breaks as a result of forcing open the glovebox lid, if it is jammed because of a trapped item in the hinge.

The fix

Citroën don't supply replacement handles, just the complete glove box lid, retailing at over £150.
Unfortunately, although Citroën have changed the design of the handle, they only changed the shape of the part you see, and failed to address the problem of it being too weak.
So even if you spend £150 or more, you will still be quite likely to experience the same problem again in the future.

We offer an alternative cost effective solution:
We can supply you with a new handle for you to fit to your existing glovebox.
*Precision moulded in tough black nylon
*Textured and grooved to match the original glove box finish and style.
*Free replacement spring included
*Printed fitting instructions included
*Dispatched to you within 1 working day by 1st class post.
*Lifetime guarantee on this product.
Citroen C4 glovebox handle

Instructions of how to fit the new handle are shown below.
Original manufacturers part numbers:
8218 N1, 8218 N2, 8218 N3, 8218 Q1, 8218 N5, 8218 N6, 8218 N7, 8252 AW

Replacing the handle.

Step 1:
Remove the remnants of the old handle

Using a screwdriver, prise the remnants of the old handle from the glove box lid.
You will see the two retainers either side which held the handle in place
Take care not to damage these, as the new handle fits directly into them.

This step is easier with the complete glove box removed from the vehicle,
 as you can lever the remnants of the old handle from both sides.

Fitting Citroen C4 glovebox handle

Step 2:
Fit the new handle

Fit the new spring onto the handle as illustrated - orientation is important.Fitting Citroen C4 glovebox handle

Fit the new handle into the retainers that the old handle used.
Click the handle in place one at a time, first pushing in one side pivot, then pushing in the other.
You will hear the handle click into place on both sides.
The legs of the spring will be protruding out, so carefully tuck them in using a screwdriver
(preferably a plastic one to avoid marking the glovebox lid)

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