To begin you will need to remove the airbox (1) and the air intake pipe (2) from the engine bay.
Firstly unscrew the Torx screws on the top of the airbox and loosen the clamps that hold the air intake pipe to the airbox and the plenum cover.
Next disconnect the breather hose which is connected to the air intake pipe via a manual hose clamp (3). The manual hose clamp requires pressure on both sides to release.
The top of the airbox should pop off now and the intake pipe should slide out. Now you can remove the lower airbox housing.
This is done by unscrew two 10mm bolts that are located to the right of the airbox housing.

Spark Plug Covers
Next you will need to remove the spark plug covers on either side of the engine.
The covers are held on via two rubber pressure clips that just pop off.
The passenger’s side cover (4) is easy to remove from the engine bay but in order to remove the driver’s side cover (5) you will need to unscrew the washer bottle (6) which is held on by two 10mm screws.
Once the washer bottle is loose you will be able to slide the cover out.

Next unscrew the two 10mm bolts (7, above) at the top of the plenum cover and disconnect the wire loom which is located at the front of the plenum cover (8, above).
Now you can loosen all 8 of the throttle body hose clamps (9) that hold the plenum cover to the throttle body’s using a 6mm socket with extension or a multi-driver.
The front throttle body clamps are quite easy to gain access to but the rear clamps can be a little tricky.
Plenum Cover

If you are struggling gaining access to the rear clamps you can remove the oil separator valve (10) which is held in via 4 blue Torx bolts.
Plenum Cover

With the throttle body clamps loose there will only be one more hose (11) to disconnect before you can fully remove the plenum cover.
The hose is connected to the rear of the plenum cover and has the same manual clip as the hose that connects to the air intake pipe (3).
However due to it being at the back of the cover it’s hard to disconnect as the cover gets in the way. Lift the plenum cover until you enough access to disconnect the hose (11).
Once the hose is disconnected the cover should come straight off.
Plenum Cover

With the plenum off you will be able to see both actuators underneath the main wiring loom (12 & 13). The plan is to loosen the main loom enough to be able to get access to unscrew and remove the actuators from the engine.
To loosen the main wiring loom you need first unscrew the 4 10mm bolts (14-17) holding the wiring loom to the engine and disconnect several plugs around the loom (18-22).
Plenum Cover

Plenum Cover

Plenum Cover

There are also two plugs on the engine (22-23) which will restrict movement of the main wiring loom that you need to disconnect.
Once disconnected you will notice the wiring is connected to the engine via plastic plugs, using a flat head driver pop the plugs out from the housing.
Next remove both of the throttle actuator the arm’s (24-25) that connect the throttle body’s to the throttle actuators.
Prise the arms off using a flat head driver.Plenum Cover

Next you will need to disconnect the electrical plugs (26) on both actuators.
The plugs are identical on each actuator.
To disconnect the plug put pressure on the release mechanism on the top of the plug until the catch lifts up.
Whilst maintaining pressure on the release mechanism, use a flat head driver to push the plug out.Plenum Cover

With all the plugs around the main loom unplugged you can lift the loom up out of the way.
Since the loom isn't fully disconnected you can only lift the loom to a certain degree but it will be enough to remove the actuators.
The best way to lift the loom is to start by lifting it up at the back and then move towards to front. Once the loom is out of the way wedge it up using a mop handle/plank of wood (27) etc.
Be careful not to damage the rubber seals on the throttle bodies.
Plenum Cover

Now you will need to disconnect and remove both throttle actuators.
Each actuator is held in place by 3 torx bolts (28).
A couple of these can be a little bit tricky to get to due to the tight space.
I used a combination of the Multi-Bit screwdriver and the socket ratchet with extension.
Once you have loosened them I used the telescopic magnetic pen to collect the bolts because of the lack of space, be careful not to drop these bolts.
Plenum Cover

When you have successfully removed the bolts you can slide the actuators out from underneath the wiring loom, for investigation.

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